Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the view out of my window


  1. Ugly?? Don´t be ironic. Is this pic yours??

    Now about the comment you left me...Well, you have to start. You can do this anyway. In the beginning you should do it in a group, have a good boots and to start it by a short path. Once you start, it will be a passion for you. Tell me if you decide some day; it´s one of the best hobbies a person can have to relax the spirit!

  2. yes, i made this photograph!
    and yes, it's total irony, as this is such a beautiful sky!
    the "ugly, isn't it" just refers to an older post which was also called "the view out of my window".. because what you can't see on he picture is a really ugly apartment building! :D

  3. dramatic skies! really gorgeous.. :)
    i take many photos of the skies outside my window, though they look somewhat the same. but it always looks so wondrous i can't help taking a photo of it.

  4. thanks! :)
    i know that, too! the sky outside my window looks kind of often like on the picture above, but everytime i see it i'm amazed as if i'd seen it for the first time! :D