Thursday, January 26, 2012

something, something, something, scotland..



( some pictures from my trip to scotland last year wich i still haven't posted yet. i know it's kind of late, but i had this really long break when i didn't post anything, but i still wanted to show you these pictures..
they were taken all over scotland.. cawdor castle, at urquhart castle on the banks of loch ness, in iverness, in culloden and in the glenfiddich distillery )

( scotland the brave - unofficial national anthem of scotland )


  1. haha exactly : You dont finish the game, it finishes you! ;p

    Anyway, thank you for following me! :)

    Lovely pics! scotland has wonderful scenery. I never went there, must go someday.


  2. Thanks for the visit!
    Yout photos are fabulous --I really like those ancient headstones.