Friday, January 20, 2012

graphics interchange format

( it is not long ago, that i thought it would be extremely difficult to create a gif file.
 after i found some pretty cool animations  on gigswigs, where i even think i saw one of  my first gif files  -yes, i'm really outdated- i was inspired to try to make one myself. as you can see here i tried a really easy one at the beginning, but i think some better ones will follow! by the way.. the website which i used to make them is called's actually really easy, you should try it yourself!)


  1. i actually have no idea how to make gif files!
    i like the cute one you did with the usa button! :)

  2. but there are so many cool ones on your blog!
    like that one with the little owl or the cat you postet recently! :D
    thank you! :D