Saturday, January 21, 2012

paul mccartney - on the run

( these are some pictures from paul mccartneys concert in the lanxess arena in cologne. it's already over a month ago, but i forgot to post them.. it was a really awesome concert full of my favourite songs and i am so glad my dad gave me the tickets as birthday present. the only bad thing was that my memory card ceased to work after i took only four pictures! but who cares, i will never forget this evening, because i had my back-up memory card with me - my brain! now i just need to visit a ringo starr concert, and then i am ready to die - in order to meet the rest of the fab four up there in heaven! )

( paul mccartney - live and let die - lanxess arena cologne - 01.12.2011)


  1. What is Togoh? And what do you do for living in Germany? From Berlim?

  2. togoh is just a nickname ;D
    i'm a student, doing my final exams this year, and no, i'm not from berlin, i'm from mannheim ;)