Friday, May 6, 2011

sous les toits de paris

( yes, i will spend my whole day tomorrow in paris, cool isn't it?
i'm really looking forward to make some cool pictures.. )


  1. hello there!
    the pictures on my blog are not taken by me. i try to credit them by linking to the source as much as possible.
    here is the link to the stars:

    have a good time in paris! :)

  2. ah, i didn't know that!
    good taste, anyway :D

    thanks kt ;)
    ( btw, is it "katie"? )

  3. hi! it didn't occur to me to check through your posts to view replies until now!
    my name is kaiting. it sounds just like "kiting", as in flying kites. haha..
    if you like, we could try an e-penpal thing. my email is if you're uncomfortable with the idea, it's totally ok! :)