Monday, May 9, 2011


( these are some pictures i took in paris last saturday; there are quite a lot houseboats on the banks of the seine; i really liked the idea of living on one of them, especially because one could live literally wherever he wants to, so i dedicated this post to them )

( this video somehow stuck in my head while i was uploading the pictures; sorry, i just had to post it; it's just a stupid advert from how i met your mother which makes me laugh every time i see it..)


  1. "boats boats boats!" lol i watch himym too!

    here's another boat song:

    it's a little vulgar though, hope you don't mind!

  2. The promise of freedom is dampness.

  3. Hello! :)
    The other boat song is a funny one by Lonely Island, called "I'm On A Boat".
    Haha yeah I'm ashamed to say I actually don't know many Beatles songs....! :|