Sunday, June 5, 2011

roger waters - the wall

( yesterday i was on roger waters concert of the wall in the sap arena in mannheim. "the wall" tells the story of the rockstar pink, who remembers his horrible childhood and isolates himself from the rest of the world, building up a wall around him. at the end pink stands in front of an imaginary court -see below: the trial- with his mother, teacher and his disloyal ex wife testifying. Eventually he is being sentenced to tear down the wall as a punishment. it was an awesome event, i don't even really know how to define it. was it a concert? a show? a "rock opera"? ..well, who cares! it was loaded with tons of special effects, flying bombers, huge marionettes, a flying pig and of course the wall being built up all across the stage. all in all - no, not just another brick in the wall- all in all, it was a great evening!)

( pink floyd - the wall - the trial )

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